Upcoming Programs

MythoSelf® Facilitator training, Module 1
27th-30th September 2007, Co. Wicklow, Eire.
Facilitated by Dr. David McDermott, Mythoself® Master Trainer.

Empowered Life for Teens workshop with Jeff Leiken.
28-30 September 2007, Hertfordshire, UK.

The Mythogenic Self® Experience
9th-11th November 2007, East Grinstead, Sussex, UK.
Facilitated by Sam Riordan and Jon Nicoll, MythoSelf® Associate Trainers.
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Dance of the Elements workshop (UK)
Date and Venue TBC.
More details coming soon.

About us

Sam Riordan

Sam Riordan: Over the years I have been and done many things. I have worked variously as a cleaner, a waitress, as a nanny, and I have also held senior executive positions in the not-for-profit and public sectors, most recently in the domains of social housing and education. Astonishingly, and perhaps most significantly, I have been a parent almost all my adult life, including a period as a lone parent to my two sons, now in their early twenties.

As an essentially social and sociable being, I have always sought out opportunities to work with and alongside other people. A chance encounter with the world of management development nearly two decades ago opened my eyes to the wide horizons of personal and professional development. It was this that got me started on the rich and fascinating journey through the potent maze of human relations that has brought me to this singular and remarkable point in my life.

In my work as a facilitator, trainer and consultant, I draw on my experience of a wide variety of developmental and relational models and approaches, including Gestalt, Transactional Analysis and Coaching. I am a Master Practitioner in NLP and have trained with Richard Bandler, John La Valle, Eric Robbie and Robert Dilts amongst others.

In 2002, my attention was captivated by the transformational potency of the Mythogenic Self® Process, and in the five years since then I have been engaged in rigorous training in this process, working closely with Dr Joseph Riggio, the architect and designer of the process, and Dr David McDermott, Master Trainer. Throughout this period I have experienced, over and again, what an extraordinary and profound impact this work can have in enriching and bringing greater authenticity to peoples' lives, including, and most especially, my own.

Since encountering the MythoSelf® Process, Sam Riordan has immersed herself in it. Sam uses it in all aspects of her own life, personal, professional and social, and through this has developed the skills to do extraordinary work with her clients. More than this, simply by who she is, she has a profound impact on those with whom she comes into contact. Sam brings dedication, integrity and a great sense of humour to her work and I am very happy to recommend that you spend some time with her.

— David Mc Dermott, Master Trainer of the MythoSelf® Process

Working with individuals and groups aspiring to nothing less than exquisite performance is something that I consider an honour and a privilege, and from which I continue, with gratitude, to learn.

Sam is brilliant. I've had the privilege of working many times with her personally, and of seeing her working with other people. And every time I am amazed by her energy, her presence, her joy, her integrity and her ability to make a positive impact.

— Piernicola De Maria, NLP Trainer and Coach

Jon Nicoll

Jon Nicoll: From a very young age, I've been fascinated with how things work. I would be the one taking apart the Christmas presents before ever getting around to putting the batteries in! As time went on I progressed from dismantling, to creating — mainly in the field of electronics and computing. I've designed products such as multimedia CDs for teaching anatomy, video control systems for rock concerts, and set-top boxes for Digital Television.

From working with these high-technology closed systems, I pursued an ongoing fascination with the highest technology open systems found anywhere — people!

Although I was aware of NLP since around 1990, and was fascinated by its effectiveness in some areas, I disliked the 'magic bullet' approach with which it was (and still is) applied, and looked for something more. I found it in the work that Joseph Riggio was developing with the Mythoself® process around 1996, and since then I've trained extensively using this model.

I’ve known Jon for over five years and in that time his keen intellect has added considerably to the clarity of the process — he applies the MythoSelf® Process model with a unique intelligence and eye for precision. I strongly recommend working with him if you are seeking to re-order your life so it works for you.

— Joseph Riggio, Ph.D., Architect and Designer of the MythoSelf® Process, Oct. 2006

I'm now an Associate Trainer of the Mythoself® process, and a Master Practitioner of NLP. I work with business leaders and other individuals and groups to engineer internal elegance and form. By bringing this back into the world, corresponding outer success follows.

"Seldom — if ever — have I experienced such a profound experience as when I had a Mytho session with Jon. His skills are fantastic and I am still surprised by the elegance and effectiveness: all Jon needed was a couple of minutes..."

— Jacob Heiberg, Director (Denmark), September 2007

Jon and Sam have presented at Mythoself® Process trainings in the UK, Eire, Scandanavia, Spain and the USA. We also work in one-to-one settings and present custom trainings - contact us for more information.

Sam Riordan and Jon Nicoll are Licensed MythoSelf® Associate Trainers

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