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Demolition and re-construction

It's been a period of restructuring at home over the past week or two.

To begin with, the old superstructure was demolished. That was fairly easy, as it wasn't well built in the first place and was fairly ramshackle in places. It wasn't holding up to the weather very well; the roof was leaking and there were holes in the walls. A few well-aimed pushes and the whole thing fell over.

After that, it was decided that the foundations didn't extend far enough. They weren't bad in themselves, but they'd been laid in a bit of a hurry and weren't designed for the modern conditions they were being asked to perform under. It took a bit longer to dig those out, but the site was already starting to look tidier

There was also a lot of overgrown greenery that had got out of hand over the years. I guess there is something to be said for regular pruning...

Next, the preparation for the new foundation started. A good foundation is most important. Without that, anything you put up will not be of good quality. It's been known for a long time that building on sand is not a good idea. You want to use rock, or concrete. Something strong, yet resilient. We're hardly in in earthquake territory, yet some resilience against the elements is always good to have.

So, some digging first, and then the hard core went down. Good, strong rubble. To the right depth, and compacted, so it wouldn't shift later. After that, we're ready for the main layer. A thick, strong, layer over all the supporting work that we had previously done.

So, we shall soon have a new garage! I wonder what aspect of re-construction to work on next...

Jon N

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