Upcoming Programs

MythoSelf® Facilitator training, Module 1
27th-30th September 2007, Co. Wicklow, Eire.
Facilitated by Dr. David McDermott, Mythoself® Master Trainer.

Empowered Life for Teens workshop with Jeff Leiken.
28-30 September 2007, Hertfordshire, UK.

The Mythogenic Self® Experience
9th-11th November 2007, East Grinstead, Sussex, UK.
Facilitated by Sam Riordan and Jon Nicoll, MythoSelf® Associate Trainers.
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Dance of the Elements workshop (UK)
Date and Venue TBC.
More details coming soon.

The Mythogenic Self(tm) Experience
Discover the simple truths of personal excellence!
Raise your game, live your life, and design a perfect future

Whoever you are, and whatever you want, even if you're not quite sure yet what that is, the Mythogenic Self® Experience will take you on a journey that begins from a position of absolute authenticity … where what's absolutely true of you at your best is completely present.

From this starting point — where most other courses aim to end up — you'll learn to live an authentic and inherently satisfying life at all times, regardless of the circumstances around you.

So that instead of chasing the merely 'feeling good' ... you get to have what you really want.

This workshop is held from the 9th-11th November 2007
At the Peredur Centre for the Arts,
West Hoathly Rd, East Grinstead, West Sussex

 Why this workshop is for you

After attending one of our programmes, you will leave with:

What else do you want?

This may sound extraordinary — and it is. And people attending our weekends consistently get these benefits, plus a whole lot more.

Isn't it always the way that the simplest things are the best. This weekend is so simple. But so powerful.

— Harry Torney, Holistic Dentist

What's more, the workshop is designed to teach you how to maintain and sustain this authentic and vital way of being long after the weekend itself is over. Together with the 30-page manual you get to take away, you'll get access to the most important manual of all ... how to operate yourself in the way that works for you, free from limitation.

 Building on your strengths

When you learn to live from the centre of yourself, free from cravings, then doing the things you want to be doing to do becomes simpler, and the choices you make become more coherent and powerful.

Beginning with this starting point, we lead you through a series of phases, unfolding sequentially in a natural effortless way.

From the outside, it may appear that your life is little different than before. Yet you will find yourself engaged in what you are doing in a totally meaningful and satisfying way — living from the centre of yourself, without compromise.

Hell is to drift. Heaven is to steer.

— G.B. Shaw

 What makes this workshop different?

The difference is that we use the proprietory technology of Soma-Semantic Modelling™ to teach you how to be at your best from the inside out. In practice, this means that we go beyond mere understanding, to experiencing. You learn best by doing, and we show you how.

Regardless of what training and education you already have, we guarantee that you will learn things about how you operate when you are at your best, so that these skills can be taken into all aspects of your life — personal, professional and social. You will learn how to access and maintain a way of being in which you are at your most elegant and impactful.


It's important to understand that we will not be discussing problems, limitations or past history. Attention is placed on how you know yourself to be when your life is working, where problems are replaced with possibilities, and what you can do to maintain that through time. The experience will be unique and personal and you will develop a profound understanding of how you are when when you are functioning as you are designed to ... perfectly! You will learn how to organise yourself internally in order to begin to generate the experiences that you most want to be having, both for yourself, and especially for and with others.

Moving through the world with your own all-pervasive sense of well being present generates a balance between your own mental, emotional and physical state, and in this way you are in the best position to impact positively in all areas of your life, and in all relationships, in ways that are fully aligned with your highest values, giving you an ever-present sense of purpose and satisfaction.

Being able to live from this position of personal power creates possibilities and potential and allows you to live and work with clarity and focus, effortlessly.

The MythoSelf process is unlike anything I've done before but involves feelings that are utterly familiar. It's extraordinarily powerful and has given me dizzying moments of real insight into my true potential whilst being blindingly simple. The most important thing is that having experienced it, there's no going back to an old way of being: I simply have to live up to what I've discovered I can do when I am being really me!

— Emma Kemp, Writer

If you want insights into who you are when you are at your best, this workshop is for you. If you want to know how to establish and maintain your own sense of confidence, purpose and self-esteem in all aspects of your life and in how you relate to others, this workshop is for you. If you have ideas about how you want your life to be but you're not sure what's best, and/or don't know how to make it happen, then this workshop is for you!

Since first taking the plunge and attending the MythoSelf Experience weekend organised by Alembis in May 2007, I have been able to explore paths that have significantly altered the course of my life — personally and professionally. Working with Sam and Jon encouraged and enabled me to really know myself and to take control of the choices and decisions that present themselves daily and to see opportunities and possibilities that would have hitherto been discarded without due consideration. To say that I am enjoying my life to its fullest would be an understatement of the highest order.

— Steve Machin - Business Development Director (London), October 2007

You will come away from the training understanding things about yourself that you cannot yet imagine, an ability to communicate genuinely and with integrity with others, a way to influence others elegantly and gracefully, and the ability to establish and maintain your own state when you are at your very best.

I highly recommend [it]. I am now operating from my core. Through the workshop I have become more centered and know how to be true to myself in all situations. There is just no other way to be for me now.

— Ann Kelly, Life Coach

 About Your Trainers

This workshop will be co-presented by Sam Riordan and Jon Nicoll
Sam Riordan Jon Nicoll

For information about Sam and Jon, see our about us page.


The training will be held in a spacious studio area at the Peredur Centre for the Arts, near East Grinstead in West Sussex:

Peredur Centre for the Arts
West Hoathly Road
East Grinstead
West Sussex
RH19 4NF

You can see a map of the area via this multimap link:

or view via Google maps here.

There is ample car parking space and East Grinstead is well served by train from the Greater London area and elsewhere. We will provide you with detailed travel directions.

 General Information on the course

Friday November 9th to Sun November 11th 2007

The course runs from Friday Evening on the 9th November, through Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th May. On Saturday we return after dinner and finish around 10pm; on Sunday we finish around 5pm. The Friday night start is an important part of the weekend as it sets a direction for the whole training. At our discretion we may allow one or two people to attend the Friday evening session as a 'taster' for the whole weekend experience.


The style of the course is informal, with a mixture of group demonstrations, practices in smaller groups, and explanations, answering questions etc. Although we hold a general structure in mind we build in time for specific issues or questions that may come up. You will have no sense of being rushed through a pre-planned schedule. There is some light easy movement involved and we suggest you wear comfortable clothes. You may enjoy some adult humour and language.


You'll have noticed that we emphasise how individual an experience we expect you to have when attending. Because of this, we keep the numbers of participants limited. As well as the course presenters there will be a number of Facilitators attending at various times. These are people who have undergone a significant amount of training in the Mythogenic Self process and are training further in the field. You may well find you get a higher degree of skilled attention than on any other course you may have attended!

 Refreshments and meals

Tea, coffee and biscuits etc. will be provided. There will be an opportunity to buy light meals (sandwiches etc.) locally and we will be giving more details of these nearer the time.


If you require accommodation in the area then please let us know and we will provide a list of suggested B&Bs. We can also suggest nearby hotels.


Support after the course is via a number of means. There is free access to the mytho-self mailing list at Yahoo Groups. You will learn much more from the postings on this list once you have had the experience of being on an course. Sam and Jon are available for answering questions and for further one-to-one work if you choose. However, it is quite likely that you will not need any of this. The aim of this workshop is for you to learn for yourself how to live your life from this day forward; our greatest pleasure is when someone 'gets it' and we never hear from them again!


It is also possible to take this work further via additional trainings, equipping you to facilitate this wonderful work with other people. We'd be happy to pass on more information about this at the time.

Friday Nov. 9th to Sun Nov. 11th 2007, East Grinstead, West Sussex, UK.
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 Course Costs, and how to reserve your place

The full cost for the course is £327.

You can pay this by cheque, made payable to ‘Alembis Learning Technologies’ and sent to our address:

Alembis Learning Technologies
48 Rustington Road
East Sussex

You can also pay via Direct Bank transfers using your Internet Banking service. If you wish to pay this way please contact us for bank details etc.

And now you are able to pay via Paypal or Google Checkout:


Special offer — save by booking early!

By paying early you can reserve your place at a reduced rate. If you reserve your place by making a deposit of £50 before the 'early bird' date of 12th October 2007, the total cost of the workshop to you will be only £287, a saving of £40 over the normal price. The remaining amount, to be paid by the time of the workshop, will be just £237.


Alternatively, you can save an extra £10 by paying in full now — you'll pay £277 with no more to pay.

Remember that these 'early bird' prices are only valid until 12th October 2007.

 Contact us

For more information feel free to contact us:

By Phone: 01273 556484
By email: (Jon Nicoll) or
     (Sam Riordan)
By mobile: 07786 615610 (Jon) or 07956 078360 (Sam)

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