Upcoming Programs

MythoSelf® Facilitator training, Module 1
27th-30th September 2007, Co. Wicklow, Eire.
Facilitated by Dr. David McDermott, Mythoself® Master Trainer.

Empowered Life for Teens workshop with Jeff Leiken.
28-30 September 2007, Hertfordshire, UK.

The Mythogenic Self® Experience
9th-11th November 2007, East Grinstead, Sussex, UK.
Facilitated by Sam Riordan and Jon Nicoll, MythoSelf® Associate Trainers.
See our main page for details

Dance of the Elements workshop (UK)
Date and Venue TBC.
More details coming soon.

Your Confident Self
A workshop with Sam Riordan
Next date to be confirmed

Unlike other workshops that lead you to consider problems and limitations and how to overcome them, in this one-day workshop we will take as our starting point what is already working, exquisitely, and we will reveal to you a magnificent secret, the innermost secret of how you already do what only you know how to — the secret of … Your Confident Self.

We hold it to be absolutely true that you have already experienced moments, perhaps fleetingly or maybe long ago, when you felt so wonderfully confident that stopping to consider just how confident you felt simply didn't occur to you. In moments like these you already know without question that you are whole and complete, that your life is working perfectly, and you have a clear sense of direction. In these moments, your life seems effortless, abundant with opportunity, and you are able to generate endless possibilities for yourself, and for others.

So, whether you want to be more confident in general, or be more confident in specific situations (such as at work, in social situations or in intimate relationships) by participating in this workshop you will learn how to directly access a core sense of confidence, self-esteem and composure, as a matter of choice, and you will know how to bring this to any or all areas of your life, on an on-going basis, and regardless of circumstance.

All you have to do is show up!

Please contact us to find out the next date for this workshop.

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